Cash Centers of NJ Lends or Pays Cash for Valuables!

At Cash Center NJ we are licensed as a Pawnbroker which means we can buy or lend you cash on your gold, silver, coins, jewelry, diamonds, antiques, collectibles, vehicles or anything else of value. We will pay you cash on the spot!
If you are seeking a loan your valuables can be used as collateral. We will give you a specified amount of time to pay off the loan with accrued interest, and redeem your item. If you decide to sell your item we are usually able to pay you a bit more cash than if we are lending you money on your item.
Pawn shops are here for everyone not “just poor people”. Many customers are from a middle-income or upper-economic background. We help all kinds of people get the cash the need quickly! When the banks are not making loans you can always count on Cash Center New Jersey to help you in their Pawn Shop.
What items do you accept?
Here is a very list of the kind of items we buy or can lend money on. If you don’t see your item just give us a call or better yet, bring it on in. If it’s something of value, we can probably buy it from you or make a loan to you using it as collateral. In order to make an accurate valuation we will need to see it in person. We are unable to give you an estimate of the value over the phone.
• Gold
• Scrap gold
• Broken gold
• Gold rings, bracelets, necklaces, and jewelry
• Gold watches
• Junk and dental gold
• Gold coins, bars, ingots
• Gold and silver class rings
• 999 gold
• Silver
• Silver bars, coins, ingots, jewelry, and buckles
• Silverware
• Silver candlesticks
• Sterling Silver
• Junk or broken silverware or candlesticks
• Loose diamonds
• Diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and pins
• Platinum rings, jewelry, coins, bars and ingots
• Antique and estate jewelry
• US and world coins
• US paper money
• US proof and mint sets
• Stamps
• Comic books
• Motorcycles
• Cars and trucks
• Laptop computers, iPads and tablets
• Apple computers such as iMacs and MacBooks
• iPods and mp3 players
• iPhones and Android phones
• Digital cameras
• Fur coats and jackets
• Flat screen LED and plasma TVs
• Military collectibles
• Authentic paintings and sculptures
• Antique and estate items
• Musical instruments
How do I pawn my item?
Some people are timid about coming into a pawn shop because they’re not exactly sure how it works. Pawning your jewelry, gold or something else of value is really quite easy.
Just bring in your jewelry or other valuables to our Cash Centers of NJ and we will examine it in person. If it’s gold, we will do a purity test on it using the gold karat system. If it’s diamonds or other jewelry we have the expertise to determine the value. If you have a flat screen TV, computer or vehicle, we will consider its age, the condition and resale value.
Once we’ve examined your item we will set a value and price that we can pay you for it, either as a purchase or to lend to you using your item as collateral. If you choose to sell, we can pay you cash right then and there! If you choose to borrow on your item we will make you a loan and give you a specified time to come back to the shop and repay the loan with interest. The interest rates that we as a pawn shop can charge you are regulated by law. Cash Centers of NJ has very competitive interest rates.
We are flexible on how long you have to repay the loan. It can be anywhere from a month, three months or longer, depending on how much time you need. If you run into trouble we can make adjustments and extend the loan time as long as you keep up on your interest payments. Interest payments are charged monthly until your loan is paid in full and your item is redeemed and returned to you.
What happens if I’m unable to redeem my item?
Almost every item in pawn gets redeemed but sometimes they aren’t. When you are unable to repay your full loan plus interest we will eventually resell your item. We will place it in our show room and offer it to the public as well as retailers, wholesalers and refineries. If you are having a problem repaying your loan in the time frame we agreed on but do not want to lose your collateral, please come in and talk to us personally. We want to work with you.