We Cash Checks Payable to Your Business!

Do you have checks payable to your business that you need to cash?Cash your business checks in East Hanover, NJ

Business owners know that money gets tight, cash flow isn’t steady and suppliers need to be paid on time. If you’ve got payroll coming up, vendors demanding payment and bills piling up you may not be able to wait for all your customer checks to clear. Having instant access to funds is critical to the success of any business. If you can arrange this for very little money, why wouldn’t you?

We provide immediate cash for your business checks.

Your bank is going to place a “hold” on all checks deposited to your account. Your money is effectively frozen until they see fit to release the hold. We will instantly cash any check made out to your business getting you the money you need now.

Turn your commercial checks into cash.

• Stop stressing over unpaid bills for needed supplies
• Protect your credit by meeting your financial obligations on time
• Keep employees happy by meeting payroll on time, every time
• Avoid NSF bank fees for checks you wrote while your money was being held
• Stop the worry and anxiety over money for just a few cents on the dollar

  • No holds
  • No clearing period
  • Funds available immediately

We have clients in all types of industries of all sizes that we routinely provide services to, from single owner operators to companies with hundreds of employees. No transaction is too large or too small.

We provide discounted services to many of our business clients. Our fees are among the lowest in this industry and are negotiable. However if you find a lower fee elsewhere, call us, we promise to match it.

We look forward to doing business with you.

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